Sunday, October 09, 2005

proving a negative

In graduate school, when applying for financial aid, we needed to prove that were financially independent from our parents for something like five or seven years. It seemed pretty arbitrary and, well, unfair. Most of my friends, if only because of their age and the help they had received from their parents in paying for college, could not meet this standard and received little to no aid. The tool for demonstrating economic independence was our parents' 1040 tax forms. If we weren't claimed for five (or seven, I really can't remember) all was good.

Well, if there's a similar form for sexual activity, all is well for gay men looking to enter the priesthood. According to ABC News, the Vatican states that, if they can prove they haven't partaked in a little boy on boy for three years, they can enter the priesthood.

For folks who were up in arms about the Vatican denying gay men from entering the priesthood, regardless of whether or not they were celibate, this is a victory. But it's a qualified victory, yes?
How do you prove a negative? And what if it's been two years and seven months?

What's the point?

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