Sunday, September 11, 2005

shut up

I was a huge Michael Moore fan. It was back before Bowling for Columbine, back before Fahrenheit 9/11. I remember going to see him speak at the Directors Guild of America and watching clips from The Awful Truth and sobbing. He was using the media in such a powerful way, something to which I aspired.

But something has happened along the way. The self-promotion. The smugness. The belief that he is somehow the voice of the progressive movement. All through the election of 2004, he made noise like he was the reason that Kerry might just win and then, when Kerry didn't win, he no longer wanted to portray himself in the role of the all powerful. What do you mean, Mr. Moore? Did you have the power to decide the election or not?

He just sent out another one of his missives. This one, "A Letter to All Who Voted for George W. Bush from Michael Moore," is the final straw. In the age of the blog, his snide comments are condescending and days late. We don't need you to point this sh*t out to us, Mr. Moore. We talk to each other. We read. We listen. We consider what is being said and we come to our own conclusions. We THINK FOR OURSELVES. We're not as stupid as you seem to think our president is.

And, yes, I said OUR president. Makes you want to hurl, doesn't it?

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