Thursday, February 03, 2005

you'll never be rich

This morning the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) announced that Winnie Stachelberg, the organization's long time Political Director, was being appointed to the newly created position of Vice President. According to the press release (HRC, by the way, is a little press release happy. Someone over there farts and they send out a press release.), one of Stachelberg's first big projects is something that they call the "Religion Project", the point of which is to "research and develop the language and messages to more effectively discuss GLBT issues with people of faith".

It's official, I've had it.

Folks on the left are jumping all over themselves in this pathetic attempt to appeal to those mysterious folks in the middle of the country who believe in G-d. They make me think of those sad people you see in Las Vegas who think that they are going to become rich and fancy if they win a million dollars from a slot machine. No, you are always going to be tacky and trashy and you have NO IDEA what rich means if you think it has anything to do with sticking quarters in a machine and getting a million dollars.

This morning President Bush attended the annual National Prayer Breakfast. The folks on CNN were commenting that people of faith not only believe in G-d, they BELIEVE that Bush is sincere when he speaks about the role that G-d has played in his life and they BELIEVE that he is one of them. Putting together "projects" to figure out how to talk to THOSE people reeks of insincerity and makes it oh so clear that you (the HRC, and everyone else who think that G-d is a political strategy) are not "one of us".

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