Friday, February 04, 2005

why don't they like us?

It really does get difficult to be a good blue stater. If it's not protestors with bad messaging, it's whiny liberals who spend their days and nights looking for examples of people who have done them wrong. The folks at Media Matters for America have demonstrated that their sense of humor has been completely sucked out of their ass with this piece about Karl Rove.

It's not exactly a knee slapper, but it's pretty clear that IT WAS A JOKE and there's no real reason to think that it's going to do any harm. It's doubtful that anyone tuned into CNN and saw Karl Rove waxing on about how great Bush's plans for Social Security are and how evil the media are and thought that he was a reporter for the network. I mean, come on, have you looked at this man? They do not let people who are that ugly become on-air personalities. It's why Rush is on radio and why I wake up every morning to Bill Hemmer and Soledad O'Brien.


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