Sunday, February 20, 2005

the underappreciated

Salon has an article about the actor Bobby Cannavale, part of a series the site is doing to "acknowledge the performers we like -- and don't see enough of." Cannavale is currently appearing on Broadway in the latest production of Hurlyburly and, if you get Season Three, Disc Two of Sex and the City from Netflix (I watched it yesterday), you can see Cannavale playing the guy with the rancid tasting cum. (Yum.) Cannavale has also recently appeared as Will's boyfriend, Vince, on Will and Grace. (Boy on boy. Also yum.) My personal favorite from the Cannavale canon is his appearance in The Station Agent, my top movie of 2003 (which has led my friend David to go "huh?" on two separate occasions, so I understand this is not a universal). Anyway, read the article.

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