Sunday, January 09, 2005

learned it on vh-1

Apparently Pink likes to have her nipples tweaked right before she goes onstage because it helps her to put on a better show. According to the fine folks at VH-1, there is a scientific basis for her reasoning. Apparently, when someone tweaks your nips, there is a release of a hormone called "oxytocin" that makes the tweakee feel better about themselves.

I checked it out on Google (I must know MORE) and the first site that came up was this one called The Marriage Bed ("Sex and Intimacy for Married Christians"). Well, apparently I can find some brief respite from the eternal damnation that I will experience as a non-believer (in Christ, that is) by tweaking my nips, but the pleasure is going to be fleeting.

I'm not making this up to be a Christian-basher. I don't think all Christians are inclined to condemn those that don't believe and I also don't have anything against someone who believes Christ is their savior. I just don't believe that he is mine. But I'm less than giddy when someone writes ""Got Jesus? If not, none of this matters." And then tells me, "If you have not made Jesus the Lord of your life, your future is not something we want anyone to suffer for eternity."

G-d bless oxytocin.

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