Sunday, February 26, 2012

Birthday Music #8: Amy

Name: Amy (aka @AmyLKunz)

Girls Rock Camp Donation Tally: $50

Relationship: Amy and I do not know each other; she says she reads this blog. I went to LinkedIn to see if we had any friends or colleagues in common because she works in the nonprofit sector in D.C.; we have a 3rd degree connection (her connections know my connections.)

How Did We Meet: We haven't yet; but Amy was kind enough to introduce herself with this playlist, so perhaps we will.

Something about Amy: Amy works for the Latin American Youth Center as their Senior Grants Manager. The organization's mission is to support academic achievement, promote healthy behaviors, and guide youth toward successful adulthood.

Amy's Playlist: Amy says the playlist got her through college and grad school. She apparently comes from the Alison school of mixed CDs, which is to start off with a bang; I started dancing as soon as I heard the first song.

Delivery: Amy mailed her CD to Oliver's Twist, including a Post-It (with a picture of a small doug dressed like a leprechaun or the marshall of the St. Patrick's Day Parade) and a business card to introduce herself.

Favorite (Nostalgic) Tracks: "Mandinka," Sinead O'Connor and "September," by Earth Wind and Fire: I danced to the latter in a recital when I was in sixth grade, wearing a pedophile's fantasy version of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders costume. Despite the weird sense that I should be wearing something with white tassels whenever I hear it, I love this song. As soon as I heard it I started dancing, trying to recreate those jetes from all those years ago.

Favorite (New to Me) Tracks: "Cornflake Girl," Tori Amos and "See a Little Light," Bob Mould

Time's running out, but here's the address if you want to send me music too:

Alison's Birthday Music
c/o Oliver's Twist
6822 Greenwood Avenue
Seattle WA 98103

Remember, for every playlist I receive this month, I am making a $5 donation to Girls Rock Camp.

More Birthday Music posts to come…

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