Sunday, September 20, 2009

someone, can you hear me?

I finished the first draft of the book proposal about five minutes ago and sent it to my agent. It's far from perfect, but I got to the point where it just needed to be DONE. The purpose, at this stage, is to get a publisher to commit to it, not to win a Nobel Prize.

Concerns? It sounds more depressing, or at least melodramatic, than I intend it to be. I literally wanted to write across the top of it, "THIS WILL BE FUNNY. YOU WILL LAUGH. I PROMISE."

But I refrained. Hopefully my sense of humor will come through.

(Please, let it come through.)

I still need to hear from someone to know that it's okay.

(Someone, can you hear me?)

And then, if it goes forward, I'll have to deal with the ramifications of being honest about life on the Byrne Fields ranch.


So, I'm still trying to decide which John Hughes I most closely resembled as a teenager (in terms of character, not looks — or even gender.)

Here are the contenders:

Alison Reynolds (The Breakfast Club)

Duckie Dale (Pretty in Pink)

Samantha Baker (Sixteen Candles)

Andie Walsh (Pretty in Pink)

Watts (Some Kind of Wonderful)

I think Alison might be in the lead…


phonelady said...

great blog and thanks for sharing and good luck on the book my dear . i know how hard it is to even make an attempt at writing . Believe me when I say I have tried and sadly failed . great blog .

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Congrats on finishing the book. That is HUGE.

The Kevin Trudo said...

People aren't really reading this, are they? You managed to insinuate some humor in here, I'm sure it was there in the proposal. From the skeletons here, I want to read it. Take these comments to them and promise it will sell like the bible. As for me, I would want to hear Allison's point of view. It doesn't really matter if the narrator is you, you can protect yourself anyway you want.

abf said...

Whoa,Pseudonymous High School Teacher, I finished the book PROPOSAL, not the book. I still don't even know that there will be a book.

Kevin, the Bible, huh? ;)

That one kid's dad said...

All the best with it!

The Kevin Trudo said...

Sure, Why not? Shoot tall.

foobella said...

best of luck with the proposal.

Speaking for myself, I am (was) Allison, except for the stealing and the pathological lying, with a little Watts thrown in. ;)