Thursday, January 01, 2009

best practice for blog commenting protocol

Joey DeVilla at Global Nerdy posted this blog commenting protocol from the United States Air Force yesterday. (It came to me via Dave Armano on Twitter.)

It's a super simple way to communicate the information that I have been sharing with clients via "commenting protocols," which are tailored guidelines for who, when, where, why and how to respond to brand mentions online.

These documents are generally a few pages long and I've never been confident that they really get shared and absorbed throughout the client's company or group in a way that I would like them to.
If the client still wants the detail that comes in the commenting protocol, we can provide that to them, but this style of document makes sense for them to have to share internally to really get people on board. It's easy to understand and easy to share and can still be tailored to the client's specific situation/brand message.

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