Monday, December 01, 2008

get a personality

One of the oft repeated tips for a successful blog (so 2005) was that you should try to be consistent and stick to one topic. The thinking was that your readers would come to rely on you as a resource for your area of expertise, whether it was social media, knitting or fan girldom.

Well, that tip should be tossed out the window when you are using Twitter. While you can establish yourself as a great resource for a particular topic, the "best" Twitter users are those who take advantage of the medium to let their true personalities come out.

Sure, you're a marketing genius. But you're also a dad or a mom who likes Fraggle Rock and rides motorcycles and sings karaoke on the weekend — at least when you're not baking blueberry muffins, getting a new tattoo, remodeling the bathroom, traveling to yet another conference or client meeting or drawing cartoons on the back of business cards. You like Nick Cave or you drink too much scotch or you have an unhealthy obsession with Mad Men. You get angry, you get excited, you laugh at bad YouTube videos and you occasionally just need to put the blinders on and get some work done.

In other words, you're human, you're worth rooting for and you're worth tuning into to hear what happens next.

I submitted this tip at Twitter for Dummies.


rkc said...

couldn't agree more. the best people to follow are those who give you a glimpse at who they really are. tweeps, i'm following YOU, not your career.

tweeps who constantly tunyurl their latest blog post couldn't be more boring as well. isn't that why i subscribe to rss feeds? it's the new form of spam: twam? tweepam?

Samantha said...

I am really sick of following friends of mine who are in the PR, Marketing, Social Media ( whatever you want to call it) field and all they friggin talk about is their jobs/social media on twitter. What is so strange to me is... these people are really cool outside of twitter, having a beer with them, shooting the shit.. awesome, but on twitter they just suck. I have complained before and people are like " just unfollow them then", but I don't want to unfollow them, i want my real friends to be internet friends too. Hopefully... one day they will learn to be cool twitter people too. Is there a way to let them know.. "hey, be yourself" without unfollowing them?

Reluctant Grownup said...

you mean just because someone blogs and tweets about personality not being included in corporations it does not mean that person necessarily has a personality? what a novel concept!