Saturday, July 12, 2008

something original to say?

(I am such a lazy blogger now that I am posting email message responses.)

@hmmiller sent an email to @raypage, @dmiller1973 and myself about this post from Jeremy Fuksa asking, "Are blogs still relevant?"

My response?

I have practically completely stopped blogging as a result of my twittering and the fact that I am, in general, busy as sh*t.

I like to think that blogging has jumped the shark because it makes me feel better for being such a loser.

And, well, Dave Armano (@armano) made the comment that “blogging is so 2005,” so I feel somewhat justified in that thought.
(Actually, he said "blowing," but talk to his therapist about that.)

(I think all of those of us who have been blogging for a while now — four years for me — are a little freaked out about the possibility that we have put so much into might actually be a little lame now.)

BUT, with all that said, Kevin’s
right that there’s just no replacement for writing original, thoughtful pieces on your own site
(a tweet from @kevinrose was what prompted Jeremy to write his post).

Maybe this jumping the shark will separate the men from the boys (I love using misogynistic metaphors) and leave behind just those folks who actually have something original — and thoughtful — to say.

I want to be one of those folks.


Anonymous said...


It was great to share a table with you this morning! Your humor definitely helped me to wake up! I am now following you on Twitter. I hope you enjoy the rest of BlogHer!

abf said...

It was good to meet you as well. Thanks for coming by.

Qui Diaz said...

You ARE one of those people.