Friday, July 04, 2008

people aren't going to talk about you

I've grown more willing to tell clients that they can't expect to generate positive word of mouth about their brand or product or issue if it, well, sucks. I mean, there will word of mouth (actually, there probably already is), but it will essentially be warnings to their friends, family members and co-workers to stay the hell away.

But there's more to it, says Seth Godin (in this post from way back in May).

Smart but simple; the kind of post that, if this was a slapstick comedy, would compel me to smack myself in the forehead — the universal signal for "duh."

People aren't going to talk about your product or service if . . .

  • it's embarrassing,
  • it's not cool,
  • they're not sure if it's cool,
  • it's SO cool, they don't actually want other people to know about it,
  • too many people already know about it, or
  • your values conflict with their own.
Just one more reason why social media, no matter how shiny and fabulous, should not be seen as the answer to all that ails you.

Thanks, Seth.

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