Sunday, June 08, 2008 tags: moms

Revolution Health, which The Washington Post reported will be doing an additional round of lay offs this week, released momScore last month in connection with Mother's Day. The tool "evaluate(s) maternal and early childhood health across the country." Proud to say my home state of Connecticut ranks #2, second only to Vermont. My adopted hometown of DC ranks #20. The lowest scoring states are all in the Southern half of the country, with Mississippi coming in at the bottom.

Max Gladwell, who posts at Sustainablog as well as his own site, refers to moms are the most "formidable" of the "demographic groups gaining power through the social web." This post lists 16 "blogs and tools that are part of the nexus of social media, green living and motherhood." Max started following me on Twitter (I'm not worthy!) and I'll be returning the favor and subscribing to the RSS feed on his site so I can hear more.

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Max Gladwell said...

Thanks for the link and plug! Happy to be following you and subscribing to your feed.