Wednesday, April 02, 2008 tags: cool stuff

You too can own one of those street banners from your favorite art show, courtesy of BetterWall. Be prepared to drop a few dimes, however. If you want to stay on top of new stock, you can sign up for their e-newsletter.

I told Gabby I would find an excuse to come to Minneapolis and this might be it: the Chambers Hotel. Piers Fawkes posted about the Chambers, a "proper art hotel" last month on PSFK. I just stayed at the Hudson Hotel in New York, which has a beautiful lobby, but is not someplace I'll be staying again because I really don't need to bruise my knees on the wall when I sit down to pee.

If you've spent more than five minutes working in a communications agency (like me) — or have ever been presented to by one as a (potential) client — this great piece from the A.V. Club, "5 Trends I Just Made Up Looking Around the Office," will make you laugh — or cringe.

Dooce posted these amazing series of photos of folks in life and death. If you're in London between April 9 and May 18, you can catch Life Before Death at the Wellcome Collection. Update: Jason Kottke thinks the photos should be seen side by side online, giving you another reason to go to the show in London, where I'm guessing they are.

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