Sunday, February 17, 2008

kenneth cole is awear

Kenneth Cole, long time AIDS activist and corporate social responsibility pioneer, is launching his Awearness blog tomorrow, with the promise that he'll be posting once a week and bringing along some of his fabulous famous friends to post as well. I saw Cole speak when I was in grad school and he was touting his book, Footnotes: What You Stand For is More Important than What You Stand In and, based on that lecture, I am interested in hearing what he has to say. I'm hoping that the smart, biting humor from his ads translates and he avoids the death knell of the corporate legal department. But someone tell his web guy to add an RSS feed, or he's going to lose me. I don't go to blogs, they come to me, and I'm in fine company on that front.

Also on the CSR front but, alas, a few weeks late, The Economist asks, "Is the
CSR craze a good thing for business and for society as a whole?" and comes to the conclusion that there's nothing wrong with the private sector trying to "do good." Nevertheless, the primary responsibility of a company is to make money and we shouldn't get so excited about CSR that we allow our government to forget that it is ultimately their responsibility to do good for its citizens.

Update: Awearness added an RSS feed.

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