Tuesday, February 26, 2008

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The Weather Channel wants to know what you are doing to help save the planet. In the period leading up to Earth Day (April 22), the channel will collect user generated content (video, photo and text) to be shared both via the web site and on-air (via 901am).

Wal-Mart is working with CleanTech to gather solutions that will enable the company -- the world's largest retailer -- to achieve the ambitious goals of its company-wide sustainability initiative: 1) generate zero waste, 2) supplied by 100 percent renewable energy, and 3) sell products that sustain resources and the environment. This doesn't appear to be just a PR stunt -- engaging consumers to come up with feel good ideas. They are looking for folks who have real solutions that can be put into action and for which the company will pay (via Los Angeles Times).

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