Sunday, December 16, 2007

technical difficulties

My computer is not detecting my camera (Nikon D40x), which means I can't upload photos that I took on the road yesterday. I bought a cable on the road because I left mine at home and, since there have never been problems before, I have to presume it is an issue with the cable (it's a USB with a mini 5 pin adaptor). But, of course, I am now filled with anxiety that it is not the cable and there is something wrong with my camera -- which would obviously suck.

Plus, I want to share my damn pictures with you.

This is one that I took while driving (shush), with my new Blackberry Curve.

It will have to do for now.


(P.S., it's not the USB connection on my laptop, because it is detecting my Flip camera. It better be the damn cord.)

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