Saturday, December 29, 2007

clearly you're not up on the news

There are endless year end lists floating around out there now, but my favorite (so far) has been the list pulled together by WireTap of "The Top 10 Youth Activism Victories in 2007."

As we get ready for the outcome of next week's caucus in Iowa, there are already doubters as to whether or not the youth vote will deliver. While I am confident they will, their political action throughout the year should be given the credit -- and the media attention -- it deserves.

The "youth" covered in the article range from 13 to 30 and are tackling issues ranging from climate change to education to post-Katrina health care to the war in Iraq. And like the title of the article says, they have been victorious on a number of fronts.

Here's to even greater victories in 2008.

WireTap Magazine - Top 10 Youth Activism Victories in 2007

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