Saturday, November 10, 2007

pineapple and black olive

Almost an entire week has gone by without a post, which is embarrassing because I happen to know that there are a group of students from American University here in DC who have been stopping by.

(It's like having someone come over and all you have to offer them to eat is seltzer and stale graham crackers, which -- by the way -- is what you would get if you came by today.)

I'm busy and overwhelmed and -- here's some big news -- have made the decision to change jobs, which is horribly sad and exciting at the same time. I'm going to miss the folks I work with quite a bit. And, yes, that includes mentor man.

(More on that at some other point.)

I think I'll order a pizza.


J. Wilson said...

Pizza sounds good!


Jennifer said...

Alison, congrats on the big move.

Mangi said...

Congrats! But, we'll miss you too.

abf said...

Thanks, guys. I'm going to miss the team ENORMOUSLY.

Catch Up Lady said...

I'm not going to congratulate you because I'm living in a state of denial. It's kind of nice and warm here.