Thursday, August 09, 2007

maureen dowd: soon to be fair game

I was trying to catch up on my feeds this morning (must give up and, alas, go to work). Came across the good news (from two days ago) that The New York Times had seen the light and is going to allow access to its Times Select content which is blocked to those of us who don't want to pay the $7.95 subscription fee.

Obviously, $7.95 is not a great deal of money. The issue is that putting up that barrier means that the stuff on the other side doesn't get linked to very often by bloggers, which means that they aren't getting the traffic they could be getting on the site. It's an issue I've kvetched about before. (At this stage, what have I NOT kvetched about?)

Maureen Dowd will soon be fair game, but not just yet. According to the New York Post, the timing for the switch is not yet determined.

Thanks for sharing the good news, Mashable.

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