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Kids These Days - Mike Connery at MyDD thinks it's a problem that young progressives -- who are using social networks to organize -- are cut off from the progressive blogosphere (damn, I hate that word). It's an interesting dilemma, particularly because Mike himself is a young progressive. If he wasn't, I'd be likely to dismiss him as being yet another older progressive waxing poetic about how they did things in the good ol' days.

Vote or Buy - Mike (above) pointed out that 50 million Millennials will be eligible to vote in the next major election. Along with growing political power, young people have major economic power as well. According to the Media Daily News, the teen market is going to grow to $208 billion by the year 2011.

Democrat by Default - And, because, well, they really don't get enough attention already, here's another bit of news about the kiddies. Andrew Sullivan wrote up his thoughts on the latest poll from MTV, The New York Times and CBS about the under 30 set yesterday in the The Sunday Times. Relative to the general population, they're more supportive of the war and less supportive of abortion rights and gun control. But here's the catch, despite all that, they're more likely to vote Democratic. While there may be other justifications for their party identification, Sullivan thinks it may have something to do with this: "The Republicans have never been as incoherent, corrupt or ridiculous in my lifetime. The preference for Democrats can be explained in part by default. Ditto the candidates."

MySpace Has Yet to Achieve World Dominance - Sure, you've heard of MySpace, but do you have a profile on studiverzeichnis? Nick Denton at ValleyWag shares the "world map of social networks."

Counting Made Easy - I like things that make my life easier. VideoCounter tracks video views on multiple sites all in one place. (Thanks to TechCrunch for the link.)

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