Tuesday, June 26, 2007

not a good angle

The Washington Post series on Vice President Dick Cheney (who, by the way, in case you're wondering, is not part of the Executive Branch -- screw what your high school civics teacher said) continues to be a page turner.

The first inclination, when reading this stuff, is to think that his press office must be in a tizzy because of his portrayal as a manipulating bastard. But then a second wave of reality washes over you and you think, this is a man with a completely different ethical code and world view and, well, maybe the portrayal is just fine as far as he's concerned. Maybe his only gripe with the series is that he wishes they didn't use that photo of him on the front page because, really, it's not his good side.

I was particularly fond of the story of Cheney dismissing the advice of former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan ("Hello? I'm retired and everyone STILL listens to me.") not to move forward on the $674 billion tax cut because it was not something that the economy needed or could stand up to.

The man is really the king of his own universe.

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