Friday, April 20, 2007


I'm likely to resort to using the "Stumble" button in Firefox toolbar in only those most desperate moments, when I have actually managed to get through all of my 133 feeds, answered all of my email, updated the very last tag to the blog and, yes, I am still lacking in desire for human contact.

This equates to almost never.

Am I going to be more likely to use Stumble Thru, which enables me to stumble through specific domains -- like Flickr, CNN, and The Onion?

Probably not.

The fun with Stumble Upon is the randomness, the sense that the Stumble Upon community is (ever so) slightly less techie than the Digg boys and more into good music and cool films, tends toward the leftie side of things and occasionally likes to share some weird sh*t that makes the world wide web go round. The fun was knowing that it could be anything, from anyone's site.*

But, go ahead, try it. Was it good for you?

*(Everything in this paragraph was generated by a 5 minute Stumble trek.)

Update: TechCrunch thinks Stumble Upon should allow sites to integrate a Stumble button into their sites to visit random pages (if they're not a Stumble user) or to sites they would like (if they are).

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