Saturday, April 14, 2007

on her path

The filmmaker Joan Braderman was my adviser at Hampshire College. I started off studying film at NYU, but transferred (after some time off) to Hampshire College, where my ideas about filmmaking -- and media making in general -- underwent an enormous transformation. With women like Joan and her colleague, Sherry Millner, as professors, the seed for a lifelong passion for how media can create social and political change was planted.

(I wish I was like Dave Armano and could draw you a fabulous graphic to show the path from my time at Hampshire, making videos and zines, led me to where I am today, embracing social media as the ultimate in democratic participation.)

Last night, Joan emailed her list of friends and family to tell us about her new project, The Heretics, a documentary about the Women's Art Movement of the 1970's. Looking through the film's web site (which is filled with beautiful photos of these pioneering women) gave me the chance to learn more about the path that Joan took.

They'll be wrapping up production at the end of June and aim to complete post-production in June 2008. They're looking for donations, so it would be great if you could show your support. (It's tax deductible.)

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