Saturday, April 14, 2007

i'm just a fan

The other day, in a meeting, we determined that May 15 would be the deadline for a deliverable. I announced that this was also the release date for the new Wilco CD. So, despite the fact that I did not see the band the last time they were in town (while in the past I had traveled hundreds of miles to see them), I must still have some lingering level of obsession for them.

Enough of an obsession that I want to get my hands on this set of Wilco dolls from UNKL that Josh Spear posted about yesterday?

You betcha. Especially that one second from the right. Purrrr . . .


Reluctant Grownup said...

i have an advance copy and would be happy to burn for you if you want to wife can bring it to the office. of course you have to promise to buy a copy on 5/15 to support the band, as i will.

abf said...

it's literally marked on my calendar -- and on my to-do list -- so i will indeed make the purchase.

thanks for the offer, but i'll wait. i'm still a little old school when it comes to release dates. i worked in a record store as a kid and Tuesdays (traditional release day of the week) were hotly anticipated.