Thursday, March 22, 2007

is it time for the revolution?

So . . . the BlogHer Business Conference. Definitely a different vibe than the conference this summer. Lots of folks in the room who are trying to reach bloggers versus solely bloggers themselves. The camaraderie that was felt in San Jose is not as tangible. I came to this one wanting to be one of the bloggers, but, in the end, I am among many of my non-blogging peers in communications.

(I should have encouraged more people from the agency to come.)

The highlight for me so far has been meeting Staci Schiller from Wells Fargo. Staci is one of the bloggers behind The Student Loan Down, one of three social media sites that the bank has launched this year. She was up front but optimistic about her experience blogging for a large corporation within a highly-regulated industry. I feel like not only would my clients benefit from listening to her stories, but my colleagues would as well -- including those, like me, who wish the revolution would happen a little more quickly.

And I am adding Carmen Van Kerckhove's feed to my Google Reader. Her blog, Racialicious, is about "the intersection of race and pop culture".

More later. I'm catching up on email and then heading to the hotel before the cocktail party tonight.


Staci said...

Alison, you are too kind! I'm so glad we had the chance to connect. Let's keep our conversations going and the hope alive!

abf said...

Glad you came by to visit, Staci.

Carmen Van Kerckhove said...

Hi Staci, Thanks! and I hope you enjoy Racialicious! :)