Friday, March 23, 2007 tags 03.23.07

I really want to be able to set up daily auto posting from, but Blogger doesn't allow it. Strike against Blogger, along with the news that 75 percent of the blogs on the service are spam blogs.

My loyalty is being tested.

Alas, let me start to catch up on the past two weeks of links.

  • Conservapedia, further evidence of the paranoia of the right. Pure objectivity in this "Item of Interest" on the Democratic Party.
  • From back on the 18th, The New York Times reports on the launch of MySpace's Impact Channel, "an online version of a town square," a reference that means absolutely nothing to MySpace users, who were not born in 1850.
  • I just managed to come across PrezVid, Jeff Jarvis' look at the 2008 election via YouTube. He posted last night (early this morning) about Arianna Huffington's unveiling of the creative mind behind the Hillary Clinton "1984" video (nearly 2.5 million views). I feel like I have been away for much longer than a week and a half.

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