Saturday, March 03, 2007

agent provocateur

I forgot the cord for my camera, so I can't upload the photos from the March to March parade yesterday afternoon until I get back to DC on Monday, but I can still fill you in on how things are going here at the True False Film Festival.

Despite being here since Thursday night, I'm only just seeing my first film this morning: Banished by Marco Williams, with whom I worked on a project about (gulp) 11 years ago. Marco was here with his filmmaking partner, Whitney Dow, and their film, The Two Towns of Jasper, the first year of the festival in 2004 and I was looking forward to seeing him this weekend.

Marco just told me that he's a little anxious about the screening because people who are in the film are seeing it here for the first time and he's not sure what their reaction is going to be. Marco's a provocateur, like any good documentary filmmaker should be, but he is also a man with a good heart which, I guess, any good documentary filmmaker should be as well.

Back after the film is over . . .

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