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End the Death Penalty — Maryland's new governor, Martin O'Malley is a rock star in so many ways. His efforts to eliminate the death penalty in the state — and replace it with life without parole — make him a hero in my eyes. On Wednesday, he outlined his reasons for opposing the death penalty on the op-ed pages of The Washington Post.

Show Off Your Decorating Talent — Mashable posted on Tuesday that HGTV has launched a new social network that allows amateur interior decorators to brag and get feedback on their rooms, Rate My Room. 5,500 people are lovin' Jim's kitchen. What do you think?

Plan(ned) Parenthood — I just ended my cell plan with Verizon last weekend and now I come across this new plan from Planned Parenthood via Freakonomics (although it's frustrating that they don't provide a direct link to the plan!) Check out the comments on the post because it looks like the anti-choice folks are pretty adept at the social media as advocacy tool, getting their folks out to spread their word. The plan comes courtesy of Working Assets and they have a special offer through to the end of March. BuzzFeed considers the conversation about the plan buzzworthy.

Plug in for Cash — I'm with Cory at Boing Boing. Avoid the Dallas/Forth Worth airport if you can. Apparently they're pretty hard up for cash because they're charging you to plug in your laptop between flights. For frequent travelers, the Air Power Wiki lets you know where to find (free) outlets in airports. Check it out before your next trip. (There's a bad link to the wiki in the Boing Boing post.)

Dooce Does Her Part — In addition to the fact that she makes me laugh, I love Heather Armstrong at Dooce because she is making her own special contribution to eradicating stigma about mental illness. She'll make you wish you never laughed at a Britney Spears joke after you read her post on the topic this Thursday.

Dooce was the one that pointed me in the direction of this Craig Ferguson monologue in which he too says, "Leave her alone."
167,000 views on YouTube can't be wrong.

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