Saturday, January 13, 2007

killer cheeseburger

I have been sick since Wednesday and, despite the fact that I had my laptop by my side most of that time, I have not felt like posting. I also have not felt like eating, except for that really-bad-idea bacon cheeseburger I attempted to eat on Thursday night when I had a really-bad-idea that it wasn't a totally idiotic thing to do to go out at night. My friend Tom had bought tickets to see Neil Labute's This is How It Goes and I didn't want to cancel on him at the last minute, but I should have because I was a bit of a dud to spend time with and that really-bad-idea bacon cheeseburger nearly killed me.


stephen said...

I had a large bowl of muscles at the Irish Harp on Sunday and have had the runs since,so I feel the same as you.Hope we get better

abf said...

Ah, the Internet, where people share their gastrointestinal disorders with complete strangers.

While it may be just as disgusting as some folks, I feel inclined to clarify that I have been vomiting (like Linda Blair).