Wednesday, December 13, 2006

speaking of environmental

I have become an evangelist for Green My Apple, letting the world know how fabulous I think the campaign is. This afternoon, while moderating a panel on word of mouth marketing for nonprofits and political campaigns, I once again praised the campaign as my current favorite.

Anyway, I needed to head over to an Apple store right after the panel to replace a screwy AC adaptor for my iBook G4. In protest of the fact that I had experienced problems with my Apple adaptor (fraying), I had purchased another brand for half the price, but it went to pot. While there was no apparent fraying, it just stopped intermittently. I am trying to find it, but I can't. I want to warn you NOT TO BUY IT.

Anyway, when I paid for the new adaptor, the guy behind the counter (Kenny) asked me if I wanted a paper receipt or if I wanted him to email it to me, as it was part of their effort to be ENVIRONMENTAL.

"Oh yeah? Speaking of environmental, have you ever heard of the Green My Apple campaign?"

He hadn't, so I encouraged him to check it out (he looked at me like I was crazy) and then, before I walked out of the store, I brought the site up on a few of the computer's browsers for a customer or two to discover.

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