Friday, December 22, 2006

free advice for the folks at MetaTube

I like what you have to offer. The ability to search 60 different video sharing sites with one press of a button is a great thing. I hadn't heard of some of the sites, so you introduced me to new resources. I have shared you with colleagues.

Good job.

Here's the problem. You provide users with a list -- on your home page -- of the most recent search terms used to do video searches. And, while they're not surprising, the terms are NFW. And they're embarrassing. Not because sex is embarrassing or because fetishes are embarrassing, but because maybe we don't need to be reminded of how juvenile people can be, of the fact that our high and mighty talk about the democraticization of media is a load of crap because all anyone is out there looking for are videos of blowjobs and boobs.

Keep the list and you'll keep away advertisers. Keep the list and you'll limit word of mouth. Let them look for their "nylon feet" and "bra flash" if that's what they want to find. But let them keep it to themselves.

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