Friday, November 17, 2006

jack and emma claire

Just when you thought Wal-Mart couldn't sink any lower . . .

The story is that a volunteer for Edwards' One America committee asked a representative from Wal-Mart for help in getting a new XBox for the Edwards family, presenting it as a request from the family.

Meanwhile, this was all going on as John Edwards has been criticizing Wal-Mart for its labor practices.

So, Wal-Mart sends out a press release saying, "
While the rest of America's working families are waiting patiently in line, Sen. Edwards wants to cut to the front."

The statement from the Edwards camp is that, sure, a volunteer asked for an XBox for the Edwards family, but that the volunteer wanted an XBox for himself and decided that a little name-dropping would work wonders.

It would be funny if it wasn't so infuriating.

Come on, does anyone REALLY think that John Edwards would risk having a story come out that suggests that he can put aside his well-established commitment to addressing economic disparity in the United States to get Jack and Emma Claire an XBox?


Jeff said...

I would think that Jack and Emma Claire would much rather have the Playstation 3...

abf said...

Okay, you're right. It was the Playstation 3. I am not a gamer. They are all the same to me. I'll go hide now.