Wednesday, November 15, 2006

i love my Mac

Greenpeace has an amazing new site that aims to mobilize Mac users to push Apple to make more environmentally-friendly products.

The site looks and feels like the Apple site and aims to capitalize on the love and pride that Mac users have for Apple products: "I love my MAC. I just wish it came in green."


The Pro Create page -- where users are asked to take action by designing a campaign poster or t-shirt, user their footage to make a video about the issue, download a logo, "repurpose" some of Greenpeace's images from e-waste dumps in Asia, create an alternative Steve Jobs speech or make an alternative Apple ad -- taps into the image of Mac users as creators and kisses a little Mac user a** in the process:

Chances are, if you've got a Mac you've got some creative talent. Talent you want to use for good, not evil. Use your Mac to make Macs better.

And the iPush page provides even more ideas for how to get involved. I've said it here before, but one of the keys to a successful advocacy campaign is giving people something to do. It seems so simple, but one of the most common answers that young people give for not getting involved in politics or their communities is that no one asked them. Greenpeace is asking and it's giving you a wide range of manageable, yet meaningful, options.

Smart stuff.

(This is definitely one of those, "I wish I worked on this," kind of moments.)

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Brian said...

> (This is definitely one of those,
> "I wish I worked on this," kind of
> moments.)

Hey, we´re always looking for talent! And if you want to make a banner, a poster, a button, a T-shirt, or jam an Apple ad, have at it!