Wednesday, November 15, 2006

i have a question

Johnny B has posted a quiz for assessing your company's social media score. As far as he's concerned,

Not all companies should jump into this space. If your organization does not see the value or cannot imagine the value in engaging in these types of conversations and inviting your stakeholders in behind the PR/marketing veil, then perhaps they should wait. Jumping in and 'pretending' for the sake of a press release is just not worth doing. And it could lead to criticism from those who do take social media seriously.

Like John. (And me.)

He's asking people to add to the list and so I did (and so should you), with the following:

In response to questions #1 and #2 -

1) Does anyone within the company already blog?
2) Do any of these existing bloggers post on business-related issues (vs. personal blogs)?

How about an additional question -- are these blogs read internally? It helps to have individual ambassadors, but eventually it would be good to have an atmosphere where dialogue and idea-sharing among employees via social media are encouraged and maybe even run of the mill? It's not necessarily a threshold qualfier, but I think it's meaningful if a company can answer yes to the question.

In response to question #3 -

3) Has senior management stopped making jokes every time a junior staffer mentions the word "wiki" in a meeting?

How about, "Has senior management stopped making jokes whenever a junior staffer mentions the word 'wiki' in a meeting? And if they haven't, does the junior staffer keep mentioning the word anyway because they know that it's relevant and they'll have the boss' job in a few years anyway?"

Okay, maybe not. ;)

Others to think about --

"Does your marcom team understand the difference between guerilla marketing and word of mouth?"

"Does orientation in your company include training on how to set up your RSS feeds on the company portal?"

"Does your marcom team understand that uploading a video to YouTube does not necessarily mean that it's a viral video if it's not compelling, unfunny and no one watches it or passes it along?"

That's all I have right now. I'm interested to see what others say.

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