Sunday, November 26, 2006 tags 11.26.06

  • The AIDS Diary Project, an audio diary from Thembi Ngubane, a 21-year old South African woman infected with HIV.
  • LovetoKnow has a collection of wiki "channels" on everything from getting a mortgage to buying bras. Read their privacy policy to see how they're making their money. (Steve Rubel pointed readers to the diet channel.)
  • I managed to miss this great Washington Post article from November 5, but was saved from my oversight by my pals at EchoDitto, some of whom were colleagues of co-author Zephyr Teachout's back in the golden days of Dean for America. Some smart, some funny and some frightening ideas for politicos on how to use technology to reach voters, including better data mining (reach the "Abercrombie & Fitch Republican"), Second Life (blow up opponents without anyone getting hurt?), reaching disaffected 30-49 year old male voters via online porn, keeping tabs on elected officials via accountability software and "political affinity software".
  • Coolz0r shares a great "anti- anti-" sugar campaign. It's all about moderation, folks.
  • Blackberry acknowledges that it has built its business on word of mouth and ask its customers to tell them why you're so damn "passionate" about their product. They say they might use your story on their site or in their advertising, but they're also collecting email addresses for their Blackberry Connection enewsletter.
  • The sincerest form of flattery is no longer imitation, it's being the topic of an "anti-fan club".
  • I need to go on vacation again next month and I'm trying to decide where to go and New Orleans, thanks to my aunt, is on my short list.

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