Thursday, November 23, 2006 tags 11.23.06

Most of today's tags are from The New York Times over the past couple of days:

  • Wikiversity, a wiki for educators to share ideas for curricula
  • an article about college presidents who blog, despite being told by their lawyers that it is "an insane thing to do"
  • more evidence that British people are sexier and have a better sense of humor
  • A.O. Scott's love letter to Robert Altman, "Mr. Altman thrived on the shapelessness and confusion of experience, and he came closer than any other American filmmaker to replicating it without allowing his films to succomb to chaos. His movies buzz with the dangerous thrill of collaboration -- the circling cameras, the improvising actors, the jumping, swirling sound design -- even as they seem to arise from a great loneliness, a natural state that reasserts itself once the picture is over. A makeshift tribe gathers to produce a film, or to watch one, and then disperses when the shared experience has run its course. Everyone is gone, and the only antidote to this letdown is another film. And Altman made a lot of them, and now there won't be any more."


kristen said...

I skimmed that college article yesterday. I was half-expecting to see Dartmouth mentioned in there, it being such a wired university. The guy who was quoted at the end saying that universities should take advantage of the existence of currently blogging undergrads -- I think that makes a lot of sense.

I can't imagine being a college president, dictating my thoughts to a writer who will then filter them through the marketing department. That's not really blogging... that's issuing a digital press release.

abf said...

Well, it sounds like it's only the guy from Towson who is taking that path -- dictating to an assistant.

I can't believe the students at Michigan State who suggested that administrators and faculty should not share their viewpoints publicly because it stifled the students' ability to form opinions. Twerps.