Tuesday, October 10, 2006

what i found

Development Hell may have started it, but I got it from Kristen.

Do a search for "Halloween" plus the year of your birth.

This is what I found.

Sorry -- Kristen has inquired as to the identity of these "fabulous looking chaps," which suggests that Kristen's British boy radar is pretty strong.

Why, Kristen, that's Private Lindsey Duncan and Private Jamie Maitland at the Halloween Party at Buckingham Gate in 1976 -- which is not the year I was born, but it did indeed come up when I did my search.

I swear.


kristen said...

who *are* these fabulous looking chaps?

shecanfilmit said...

2006, those chaps would be Franz Ferdinand, or some other boy Britpop band.

abf said...

There is definitely a Franz Ferdinand thing going on here. I think Jamie is particularly adorable, but I'm guessing he's too short for me.

He's also probably fat and bald now.