Tuesday, October 10, 2006

oh happy day

There's more good news for Democrats this morning, with front page -- top of page -- coverage in The Washington Post that says that Republicans could lose as many as 30 House seats next month, based on recent polls.

My favorite poll results are those from Newsweek that show that Americans think Democrats can be more trusted on moral values than Republicans -- for the first time since 2001! Of course, my preference would be that voters would recognize that Democratic Party values have been moral all along, but I'll take what I can get.

But the poll results from the Post that say that the voters are suspicious about dropping gas prices make me happy as well. I'm not even sure I share their suspicions (call me naive), but conspiracy theories and paranoia among the masses (and not just among Michael Moore or Lou Dobbs fans) signal that a healthy level of skepticism is in the air.

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