Friday, September 22, 2006

just a few links

I am flying back tonight and will be in DC tomorrow around noon. Hopefully, being back on home ground will get me back in the flow of posting. In the meantime, a few links to check out:

Lizz shares her story about getting the chance to join The Flaming Lips onstage at Austin City Limits (from Stereogum). I'm happy to hear that Wayne and the boys are indeed the "The Nicest Band Ever".

Via PSFK, Gridskipper reports what we all already knew -- nothing is safe from becoming a blog post. The government may have announced that there is to be no political activity (yeah, whatever), but bloggers in Thailand have something to say about the recent coup.

Finally, according to the National Journal, it's once again a bad idea to ignore young voters in the upcoming elections. And, yes, they know that they're talking about mid-term elections, when many folks choose to stay home. According to a new survey from George Washington University, young voters are just as likely to turn out this November as other voting blocs and -- take note Republicans -- they're twice as likely as voters in general to say that Congress is doing just fine by them.

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