Wednesday, July 05, 2006

this morning's paper

It's difficult to argue with a man who is willing to cut his own balls off, but I don't think this is the way to go.

Sure, it's been a few dog years in Internet life, but the Post is reporting on the rising tide of negative word of mouth (think AOL, think Comcast). But why is the the Executive Director of the Center for Digital Democracy saying it is doubtful that consumers will have any clout on the Internet as the digital space becomes more commercialized? Someone has not taught this man the value of effective messaging . . . I'm choosing to be optimistic about this one.

Finally, the mainstream media's favorite whipping boy, MySpace, has launched a contest, in partnership with Seventeen magazine, calling on users to produce PSAs to promote social activism. "Get to work on changing the word (and becoming a star)!" Congrats to Seventeen for thinking enough of its readership -- and MySpace -- to go forward with this thing. Although, I can't help but notice there are no additional sponsors attached. I wonder if they just decided to keep it simple or there was no one who wanted to jump on board?

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