Tuesday, July 04, 2006

kids are starving

Russell Shaw is a drag.

I have nothing against starving children, but Russell Shaw's logic (in his piece on The Huffington Post) is as lame as a mother's who tells her kid to clear his plate because "kids are starving in China".
(He also sounds like someone who has run out of things to write about.)

How about all the fat kids in the United States? Are we sending them conflicting messages by telling them they need to stop guzzling Coke and eating Big Macs when there's a guy shoving 54 hot dogs down his throat? Plus, he's in shape!

(I'm kidding.)

Russell, have you been to one of Arianna's progressive salons at her pad in Brentwood (or does she think you're as dull as I do and refuses to invite you)? I'm guessing the spread there is pretty fab. Perhaps you should talk to Arianna about the irony of limousine liberals kvetching over poverty and injustice over salmon pate.

Relax, Russell. Dip your hot dog bun in water and swallow.

P.S. Here's a little irony for you, this morning The Huffington Post is running the MSNBC story about the hot dog eating contest.

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