Monday, May 29, 2006

time suck

Have you seen (Thanks to The Village Voice for introducing this new time suck into my life.) I'm still trying to figure out the full extent of what is going on there. I was lured in initially by it being a roll the dice web directory created by the user (kinda like del.i.cious, but easier to access). Then I discovered that that it's a community as well, with the opportunity for "stumblers" to create their own web pages. There's a touch of a MySpace feel to the user-generated pages (aka low rent), mixed with a sprinkle of Netflix's "friends" function. I have found a few of the "stumblers" to be a little scary (in a Star Trek convention/D&D sort of way), but hopefully that won't influence the selection of sites too much. In the end, it will probably end up being a I - have - nothing - to - write - about - on my - blog - so - I - think - I'll - stumble thing. But I'm also thinking that there might be some word of mouth opportunities here. At the very least, we should make sure that our clients' sites are in the StumbleUpon network.

Getting StumbleUpon also finally led me to download Firefox, which led to another lovely discovery. I've been using Safari as my browser, but I haven't been able to post to my blog via Safari, so I have been jumping over to Netscape. With Firefox, there's no need to jump. The world is a better place.

(P.S., but it appears I can't access my work portal via Firefox, so I still need to use multiple browsers. Lame.)

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