Friday, February 03, 2006

poly cotton blend

The whole Cindy Sheehan t-shirt thing? Yeah, well, Rep. C.W. Young (R-FL) is an idiot. He's the husband of the OTHER woman, the one wearing the "Support our Troops" t-shirt.

Both women got kicked out of the galley of the House chamber on the night of the State of the Union for wearing t-shirts that had -- as far as security was concerned -- protest messages.

(Sheehan's had a number indicating how many American soldiers have died in Iraq: 2,242.)

Both women, in their own way, were actually saying the same thing: our troops need our support. Cindy Sheehan just thinks that means getting them out of harm's way and getting them on the first plane home. Young's wife, on the other hand, thinks that means wearing size XXL poly cotton blends and sticking magnetic ribbons on the back of your oversized pickup.

See the parallel? Yeah, well Rep. Young didn't. In his outraged speech on the House floor, according to the Post, Young wouldn't have given a toss if they had just thrown Sheehan out because, he said, "I totally disagree with everything she stands for."

A card carrying member of the ACLU, no doubt.


Tim said...

House chamber, not the Senate chamber. The Senate chamber can suck it.

abf said...

I fixed it, Tim. It's a good thing you're so smart.