Monday, January 16, 2006

monday's paper

There's plenty worth reading from this morning's paper, despite it being a "slow" news day.

A single mom and political prisoner under Pinochet -- Michelle Bachelet -- has been
elected president in Chile.

Former DC Mayor (and current DC City Council member) Marion Barry's friends are turning their back on the man who, more than 25 years since being filmed in a hotel room smoking crack, can't seem to put the damn pipe down. Of course, there's "the self-described ex pimp" that
the Post interviewed who was willing to hypothesize that Barry's recent positive drug test had been "planted" on him.

Jack Abramoff might have finally discovered how to put an end to the reign of
Ralph Reed.

A federal prosecutor has managed to convince a jury to convict a man of
supporting terrorism, despite his own belief -- and statement to the jury -- that the man "is not someone who supports or believes in the use of violence."

Happy Martin Luther King Day. To celebrate,
check out this a**-kicker of an ad. They ran it as as full page ad (A6) in the Post, The version here is too tiny to read.

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