Wednesday, January 11, 2006

the database

I have a OCD-level obsession with documenting my life. (Ask Dan abut the database.) Last year, after deciding that I had experienced one of the crappiest years of my life and then reassessing and discovering it actually had been pretty damn good, I made the decision to start doing an end of year book -- looking back at the accomplishments and proposing goals for the future (hence, the 17 new year's resolutions). The 2004 version was pretty and the 2005 version is almost as pretty (and still underway).

But they're not sh*t relative to this.

I bow at your feet, Feltron.

Thanks to Cool Hunting for the heads up.

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Michele said...

You inspired me to send your list to all my daughters and for them to copy/paste yours....delete your comments....and make one of their own ! we had a screamingly good and funny response from everyone......thanks so much for the idea.....I stumbled on your blog chance and am now devouring it from the beginning....i keep sending my daughters snippets to encourage them to read it too...Mwah!