Thursday, December 08, 2005

ugly sweaters

There was a story on the MSNBC site yesterday about the fact that a whole lotta Christians are getting pissy about the hesitance to say "Merry Christmas" -- whether you're President Bush or Macy's. In other words, they think it's about time to put the Christ back in Christmas.

Okay. Separation of church and state. Sure. If the president is sending out a card for the holidays and taxpayers are footing the bill AND the recipients are not all Christian, then the card should say "Happy Holidays".


But, beyond that, I am one hundred percent behind the idea of putting the Christ back in Christmas. Haul the manger in from the garage. Go to church. Tell a story about the three wise man. Wear your ugly sweaters with the applique of Mrs. Claus on the front. (You hear me, Grandma, I'm talking to YOU.)

Why? Because, as a Jew, I would love Christians to stop asking me, "What are your doing for Christmas?" And I would love for my Jewish friends and family to put their stupid little plastic fir trees into the closet and remember that this sh*t has nothing to do with us.

CHRISTmas. Happy birthday, big guy.

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