Sunday, October 09, 2005

something in the water

SEIU (the Service Employees union) has a new web site - - which calls on "ordinary" Americans to contribute their ideas for "a better America". Last time I checked (about ten seconds ago), they had 965 ideas and at least one person from all 50 states had contributed an idea.

You have until December 5 to contribute yours.

I found the site after reading one of the most optimistic pieces about the Democratic party that I have seen in a while on Slate. Bruce Reed is pleased that at least a few Dems have figured out that the party can't crawl its way back into power by, solely, jumping on every chance that comes up to point out how f*cked up the Republicans are. Yes, we actually need ideas of our own. And apparently, in addition to the folks at SEIU, Senator Obama (D-IL) and Representative Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) have a few.

(There's something in the water in Illinois.)

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