Tuesday, June 07, 2005

bill for hire

I'm not happy. I once had an allegiance to Katie, Matt, Ann and Al, but then Ann just started to annoy the sh*t out of me with what may qualify as the worst interview skills on television and I turned off the TV.

Now I wake up every morning and turn on Bill and Soledad, my love for them strong enough to counter my distaste for Jack Cafferty. (What makes that man so bitter?)

But, alas, I
read this morning that Bill Hemmer, one of the anchors for CNN's American Morning, is on his way out. He's being replaced by Miles O'Brien, a man obsessed with space ships (just watch) because, according to an article in the Post, Miles has better chemistry with Soledad.

Bill? Well, CNN offered him a position as a White House correspondent, but he just wasn't having that. So now he has no job.

I love Bill's geeky, overgrown, gray at the temples but looks like a 19 year old in a suit thang. He'll never be as cool as Anderson Cooper. Hell, he'll never even be cool, but I'd do him. He'd tell a bad joke — or share an irrelevant piece of trivia — when I tied him to the bedposts, but it would only make my lust for him a bit stronger

Give Bill Hemmer a job. Someone.

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