Tuesday, May 24, 2005

scuba diving

I don't want to go along with the trend that says that a) Tom Cruise is gay or b) this thing with Katie Holmes is a sham. I also heard from a friend that there is a rumor that the reason that Cruise and John Travolta are so vocal about their love for Scientology is that the church is bribing them, promising to keep quiet about their boy on boy love (not with each other, but with other men) if they continue to give big cash to the church and talk about it every chance they get.

Anyway, despite this lack of desire to fall into the rumor trap, I really do think Tom Cruise is getting a little out of hand. I happened to catch the last ten minutes of Oprah yesterday, the one in which Tom ran backstage to bring Katie out, to the chants (from Oprah and the audience) of "Katie! Katie!"

He's in love, he says.

He's full of sh*te, I say.

Check out this quote from Cruise's interview with the way-too-happy-not-to-be-on-psychotropics Billy Bush,

"Wow, man. Wow. I was looking at her (and thinking), 'Man, you are so cool.' We go scuba diving together. She likes all this stuff that I love to do. She's funny and smart."

They go scuba diving together? Yeah, that's deep. (I guess, literally, it is.)

If I was ever going to go see War of the Worlds, I would boycott it now. But I never was going to see it, so I'll have to think of something else. Maybe I'll cover my eyes and ears whenever Ms. Holmes is on screen during Batman Begins.

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